The Innocents (Shudder)

Photo credit: Google Search

The innocents is a Norwegian horror film directed by Eskil Vogt. This film is much like the original movie, Let the Right One In and hopefully will not be Americanized.

The film starts out at a community of apartment buildings and we meet two sisters, Ana and Ida. Ana is a special needs child who struggles verbalizing and communicating. Ida feels frustrated by how much Ana needs help from their parents daily.

Ana and Ida go to the playground and both of them make friends. Ana’s new friend Aisha, who lives alone with her single mother, who can communicate telepathically with Ana and understands her. Ida makes a new friend named Ben who develops telekinetic powers which throughout the movie his powers turns dark as he begins to hurt people around him.

This film is very unique and the storyline hooks you especially with the friendship of Ana and Aisha. I recommend watching this especially if you enjoy Norwegian horror/suspense films.


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