The Watcher (Shudder)

Photo credit: Google search

The Watcher is directed by Chloe Okuno, whom I’ve not heard of before but I did enjoy watching this movie.

We meet a couple, Julia and Francis, who are living in Bucharest. Julia had just recently arrived as her husband, Francis, got a new job. Julia feels isolated in her surroundings as she struggles speaking Romanian.

One night Julia hears from police that there’s a serial killer in their building whose been decapitating women. Being concerned, Julia develops paranoia that her neighbor across the way might be the killer and believes he is stalking her and she could be his next victim.

The movie is a slow burn that builds up suspense around Julia’s paranoia and reminds me of the 1980 horror movie, “He Knows You’re Alone”. As the film progresses you start to feel empathetic towards Julia as she is in a new town and trying to learn a whole new language.

If you’re a fan of suspense and serial killers give this a watch. This film is exclusively on Shudder.

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