Who Invited Them (Shudder)

Photo Credit: IMDB

Who Invited Them, directed by Duncan Birmingham, is a fun slasher/thriller movie about a couple, Adam and Margo, who receive a couple who crash their house warming party.

Adam and Margo throw a house warming party to celebrate their new huge house, thanks to Adam’s promotion at work. Margo feels insecure as Adam boasts and shows off his new digs, which end up making his old acquaintances want to rub him off. By the end of the party as guests leave, we meet a couple, at least we think they’re a couple, named Tom and Sasha who claim they’re neighbors.

Adam and Margo accept their apologies of party crashing as Tom explains the noise was loud and they wanted to welcome them to their new home.

Tom and Sasha don’t want to end the night and have the couple play some games with them and as they continue to play the stakes get higher, secrets are revealed, and much blood is shedded.

You can watch this film exclusively on Shudder.


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