The Sadness (Shudder)

Directed by Canadian Film Director, Rob Jabbaz, this Taiwan horror movie, that is exclusively on Shudder, keeps packing the action throughout the movie.

A virus known as, Alvin, is spreading throughout Taiwan and people don’t care and have stopped wearing masks, social distancing, and it’s pretty much how Americans feel about Covid-19 these days.

The main characters Jim and Kat are a couple that tries to stay together throughout the movie. In the beginning Jim takes Kat to her job and along the way they see a few bloodied people being placed in ambulances. Jim apologies for looking at it for so long and drops Kat off. Jim then goes to get some coffee and behind him is this elderly woman who looked completely disheveled. Her pupils are fully dilated and then she grins this evil look and that’s when the blood and action all begin.

The film becomes even more gorier as the story progresses of people trying to survive these rage zombies.

If you enjoyed Train to Busan you’re in for a real treat. The Sadness is available exclusively on Shudder.

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