Watched horror movies

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As of late while being under the weather I’ve been watching several horror movies and I thought I’d share which ones I’ve watched.

Neon Demon (Amazon Prime)

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This movie was credited as a psychological horror movie and for me, it started off as a slow burn. The movie does get better as you continue to watch it. It stars Elle Fanning, who really does a good job portraying her character, Jesse, who is an underage girl who just lost her parents and decided to go to L.A. and try out for modeling and make a career for herself.

In the film, we see her struggles in her newfound home where she lives in a cheap motel with a very odd landlord, played by Keanu Reeves. Jesse goes to her first photoshoot with an unknown photographer named Dean and they remain friends throughout the movie until near the ending. At the photoshoot, Jesse also meets Ruby (Jena Malone) who does makeup and Ruby introduces Jesse to her two model friends, Gigi and Sarah.

Throughout the film, Jesse is signed and at her first major photoshoot she’s noticed right away and Gigi and Sarah become jealous. They become jealous of her youth and natural beauty because Gigi had plastic surgery as aging isn’t oh so friendly. The film really hits the nitty-gritty of modeling but also the whole “be careful of the company you keep”. The film takes a darker turn as Jesse’s personality turns narcissistic because Gigi, Sarah, and Ruby are pretty much out for the kill. The kill does happen and it’s bloody and weird.

I won’t give the ending away because it’s a weird twist but honestly, it truly shows the nature of the beast of “making the grade” in the business and “eat or be eaten”. If you have a few hours on your hands check it out. You can watch it on Amazon Prime.

Sator (Tubi)

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Honestly, I can’t fully give details about this movie because it was so hard for me to follow and understand. I literally had to google what the hell was going on because this movie is entirely slow and you have to pay attention in order to understand it.

What I got was okay family lived out in the middle of nowhere deep in the woods and a mysterious demon monster lives out there and the main male character has been trying to fully capture this on video.

The film definitely has some eerie scenes and a gory scene as well towards the ending of the film of course. Another slow-burn film.

Wikipedia gives information that in fact the Director’s real grandmother believes in this supernatural being and that’s where he came up with the idea for this film. To me, Sator reminds me of the “Windigo” creature that has been depicted throughout many Stephen King novels. I genuinely like supernatural, occultism, and weird horror films but this one I got lost while watching also I haven’t been feeling well either.

If you have a few hours and enjoy supernatural creatures it’s available on Tubi for free.

Saint Maud (Amazon Prime)

This movie is ten ways fucked up but in a good way for the viewer. If you happen to enjoy such movies. I had to watch this twice to understand the beginning of the film because we first meet Maud in a hospital room with a dead patient that she couldn’t save.

The first time watching this, I didn’t think that at all. I thought that maybe it was a clip of the ending and maybe this person killed whoever is on the bed in a weird fashion dying.

We then see Maud having a new job as an in-home caregiver to a once-famous dancer named Amanda. Maud literally desperately tries to be “holier than thou” in this film and after we meet Maud’s old workmate, Joy, we find out that Maud’s name is really Katie.

We now know that Maud/Katie is loon as a tune and the rest of the film showcases her descent into oblivion. Definitely watch the whole movie because you have to keep up with the pace of the film and the ending is just twistedly good. You can watch Saint Maud on Amazon Prime.

Wikipedia also gives information that the Director of Saint Maud, Rose Glass is making a second film which will follow up to Saint Maud entitled “Love Lies Bleeding”, which will star Kristen Stewart. I’ll be really interested to keep my eye out for that film definitely.

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