Six days until Christmas

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I don’t know about any one else but yeah the thought of six days until Christmas tends to sound a little worrying especially if you have kids or you want to make sure you have all your presents purchased for a special someone(s) in your life.

Honestly I look at the whole month of December as Christmastime because I enjoy the classic Christmas cartoons and specials that air each year. If you have some sort of on demand or streaming service you don’t have to wait until a special day to watch it either. I love the decorations and lights that are up throughout the neighborhood and city and I haven’t really listened to much Christmas music because I got done with my fall classes and now I’m on break until mid January. So this week I shall partake of listening to classic Christmas music especially while baking cookies (let’s give a hurray for the premade cookie dough at the stores – really they can be a lifesaver and also means less mess at home) I do however plan to actually bake from scratch cookies before Christmas Eve and use the red and green Christmas colors to give them that added magic feeling.

I have to wrap the presents while my kids are at school before winter break starts which they really only get a week and a few days off this year and go back January 3rd but then that also means look ahead to summer because it’s that much closer and time to make a plan for “what will the kids do this summer”?

What special things do you enjoy for the holidays? Do you have any good coping skills for seasonal depression? (if you experience it) I also don’t have to make a fuss of the whole “Christmas dinner” because it’s just me and my two kids. Plus no one likes ham so an extra bonus for me.

I hope whether you’re just you or with family or friends that you have a happy Christmas this year.

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