Happy Almost 2022

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

I don’t know how many feel about New Years Eve or New Years because around now is when my winter depression starts to kick in because the holidays are over and it’s back to ho drum normal. The magic and all is gone until about August and then Halloween starts again.

Not to say that there aren’t any awesome moments throughout the year or anything but it just kind of hits me as “Wow we’re starting another year”. The whole new year and starting at the beginning again and to me as a parent that goes into “OMG Summer is only six months away and then it’s Summer Vacation!” I start to look and save for Summer things for my kids to do and ever since lovely COVID 19 happened that hasn’t made it easier at all.

Also right as we head to NYE is all the ads “NEW YOU, BETTER YOU” or “LOSE 50 LBS TO A BETTER YOU”. All the ignorant and distasteful FAD garbage. UGH!

I’m more worried about 2022 as the fact that in the United States start the primaries for who we want in our State and Senate houses and Congress and protecting human rights and hoping that the government gets their head out of the sand and starts to care about climate change. It’s an important year that could divide us further apart or could start more changes and hopefully in a better direction. I don’t care what political party you are but please take voting this year seriously. I myself am a Liberal and care about many many different issues and topics.

Here’s to a hopeful 2022.

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