The Voyeurs’ (Amazon Original movie)

So about a few months ago I was browsing on Amazon Prime and looking at the horror section because horror is one of my favorite genres. I see some of the Amazon original movies and one that popped up was titled The Voyeurs’ and I checked out the trailer for this movie and I was just seriously hooked.

The movie starts with this couple, Pippa (Sweeney) and Thomas (Smith), who just rented this beautiful studio apartment in Montreal, Canada. In the studio is the realtor who is just waiting for the couple to finishing signing the paperwork. (Keep that part in mind, because they just instantly sign the lease)

The realtor leaves and the movie jumps to a few hours later and Pippa and Thomas are both nicely settled in their cozy new home. They look out their windows, the windows are huge and wide, and notice they can completely see their neighbors across the way and everything that they’re doing.

The male across the way is taking photographs of a model and a few minutes later they’re having sex and Pippa and Thomas watch for a minute, until Pippa pretty much says “Let’s give them some privacy”. Pippa is then getting all dolled up in the bathroom wanting to have sex with Thomas which sadly he is already asleep for the night.

I really don’t want to give a lot away other than that Pippa and Thomas become obsessed with peeping on their neighbors and it gets more creepier as the film gggi.h)I oh godfather progresses. The twist from the peeping on the neighbors is crazy and the ending is really good. XDc XD F ufguufiu F iiuuuu XD g xyzzy FCC f of ufyyyyyyy etc t TX trzzt

This film is not really horror it’s more of a fun thriller. There’s no gore, no slashers, however there are two death scenes. If you have Amazon Prime check out this movie.

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