I used the word evolving as a title because everyone and everything around us evolves and changes and two I used it because the word has been recently explained to me in different terms where we are in a constant state of evolving and changing.

After I took this Zencation online retreat and have been processing things from what I’ve learned, I’ve been looking at my past trauma and experiences I’ve personally been through and I’ve come to open my mind more on that I might decide to not re enter a D/s dynamic again because I value my independence I’ve really had over the past 3 years.

In my past I’ve allowed not very nice people in my life and I know that I do not want to allow not nice people in my life anymore. Yes I realize that not at all people are bad and not all people are going to treat me badly. I’ve also taken this time to see myself more while figuring out things.

In my community it’s a little sad because some people choose to be catty and be little people if you are not on their side of the fence. I believe that is wrong because you’re shutting not only doors but also a place that might be someone’s only safe haven to them. I’m morally not okay with that because I’ve been where I’ve had nowhere to turn to and no one to talk to for help. I really wish that those would put down their daggers and be more open to everyone.

I would love to help build within whole communities on helping those who are finding a safe haven and a place to reach out for help. I know what abuse is like and I know what it’s like to be completely alone in that you have no one to look for to ask for help.

I’ve learned and kept in mind to look at what brings you joy in how you want to serve and help others. I’m still processing that and yes it’s been so much slower with COVID-19 going on and who knows how long it’ll be that way but it’s figuring out how to work within and around it.

I hope all are safe and well. 💙

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