Don’t worry darling (2022)

photo credit: IMDb

I finally was able to watch this film as it premiered on HBO Max last weekend. Olivia Wilde directed and Kate Silberman wrote the screenplay.

The film is set in the 1950s era in a culdesac and we meet Alice and Jack who are married and live in this place called Victory. Alice is a stay-at-home wife who does the daily domestic chores and cooking. We see that when Jack comes back home from his odd job, Alice greets him with a drink and is happy that he’s arrived back home.

Alice and Jack live next door to Bunny and her husband Dean, who also works for Victory. Alice and Bunny are best friends as we see them outside in the mornings kissing their husbands goodbye as they head off for work. Alice’s other friends Peggy and Margaret also live in the culdesac with their husbands who also work for Victory.

Life in Victory is pretty much men are in charge and the women are pushed back into the “staying at home and in the kitchen where they belong”, bullshit role. During the film, you see the women obliviously happy and drinking a lot and just being doormats. The climax builds when Alice sees her friend Margaret holding a plane as Alice is doing laundry outside. Later a distraught Margaret appears at a party that Frank and his wife Shelley are giving at their home and says to everyone that they shouldn’t be there and it’s wrong. That’s when Alice continually starts to see weird images and starts to question everything about Victory.

I don’t want to give away too many spoilers but this film is almost like a mix of Stepford Wives and Jordan Peele’s movie, Get Out. It is a suspenseful thriller


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