10 Halloween Specials

Before 2020 every year on ABC and NBC there would be some of our favorite Halloween Specials that aired on local TV. October 2020 that no longer happened since streaming platforms picked up so much momentum with everyone staying at home and watching everything.

My favorite special every Halloween was “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”. It was a staple for me growing up and I’d later watch it with my kids on TV.

Any and all holiday specials are either on streaming services, DVD, or YouTube. I ended up buying Garfield’s Holiday Tales on DVD because I loved the Halloween and Christmas special. The last time that A Garfield Christmas aired was back in 1997 and before DVDs came into play I taped it on a blank VHS.

Before 1999 if you wanted to watch something special that only came on once a year you had to have a VHS player and a blank VHS cassette to record them. I do miss some of the nostalgia that came with waiting each year to watch these wonderful specials that came on the local TV stations.

Take some time and find your favorite Halloween special whether it’s streaming or on YouTube and enjoy watching it this year.


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