Firestarter (2022)

photo credit: Wikipedia/Universal Studios

Firestarter was released in Theaters and Peacock on May 13, 2022. Those who had Peacock plus for $4.99 could watch the movie from the comfort of their home. Firestarter was directed by Keith Thomas and the screenplay was written by Scott Teems. The screenplay was adapted from the Novel, “Firestarter”, by Stephen King.

I was disappointed because when Blumhouse released information on the new remake of Firestarter, they had said they were going to show more of what took place in the beginning when participants were taking LOT 6. Sadly we were only given blurry moments and the interviews of Andy and Vicky. I was hoping for more of what was in the book but that didn’t happen and I was really disappointed.

I did enjoy the fact that the character John Rainbird, was played by an actual indigenous actor, Michael Greyeyes. The remake gives a more modern and shorter version of the book Firestarter. Because of CGI and technology magic, Charlie’s pyrokinesis is a lot stronger and deadlier, than in the 1984 version of the movie, which starred Drew Barrymore as Charlie. Charlie also had more than just pyrokinesis, she also had her dad’s powers, pushing. Even John Rainbird could push others and had his own powers. I wasn’t disappointed with John Rainbird having powers, because the way he told Andy how he got powers reminded me a lot of how Indigenous children were removed from their homes and put into boarding schools many years ago. The government doesn’t treat the Indigenous community fairly and John Rainbird gives a brief view of that when he states, that The Shop needed lab rats.

This film is more modern and a lot shorter. I feel like this film and the making of it were rushed, especially when Charlie goes after her dad at the Shop. Firestarter is at best a one-time viewing and that’s it because honestly, the 1984 version is a lot better and more well told. Viewers you may want to wait until it’s streaming for free on other platforms.

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