Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022 Netflix)

photo source: IMBd

My take on the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre is that it was a fun slasher film. It definitely had some high anxiety and jump moments throughout the film.

The most hilarious scene from the film is Leatherface peeking up through the dried sunflower field.

Photosource MovieWeb

We meet some young adults and a teenager traveling through Texas trying to find this town called Harlow which is supposed to be abandoned, but we learn in a few minutes that someone does have a business there and that someone else still lives in the abandoned town.

I totally geeked out that old woman living there was played by Alice Krige! While watching I noticed her face and said to others that I think that’s the woman who was the borg queen in Star Trek. During the movie, I googled the cast and saw that it was her! Alice Krige was not only in Star Trek but she was also in the horror movie, written by Stephen King, sleepwalkers.

The adults pretty much tell the old lady you can’t stay here and that they have paperwork stating they own the whole town. During this, the woman starts to hyperventilate and ends up having the onset of a heart attack or heart failure. This big mysterious figure comes down the stairs as the ambulance comes and takes the old woman into the ambulance staying by her side.

These hipsters didn’t give this old woman time enough to go get her actual property papers stating that she indeed owned her home, and after the old woman croaks…

Tada the mysterious tall figure becomes murderous and it is Leatherface! He takes the now-deceased woman’s face and skins it and wears it throughout the rest of the movie.

The gore in this movie is definitely sick and there is plenty of bloodshed throughout. I was really disappointed in the scene where Sally (the character from the original 1974 TCM) finally found Leatherface and after all this time she was weak and ended up dead. Like, come on! At least you could’ve created an epic fight or duel! 45 or so years of trying to find a person who murdered your entire group of friends and you’re the sole survivor… That is complete bullshit that you’re just as weak as a twig and dead.

Other than that disappointing few moments it is a good movie and was well directed.

Go watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre available on Netflix.

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