At least there are still movies to look forward to…

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Seriously this is how I feel with 2022 just uncertainty because virus stuff is still going on and we’re back to where we were last winter. Mandates and closures of programs and things are back on the horizon. I went on and that just sparked some joy because at least we still have movie releases to look forward to this year and new music hopefully.

My hope now with openings or anything is with Spring because usually things start to repel in the Spring and honestly i’m looking forward to going to a freaking concert this year.

Moving on here’s some pretty cool movie news!

Netflix is in the works for an Animated Scott Pilgrim series! No I don’t care what others thought of the freaking movie I thought it was awesome and yes i’m excited for an animated series of Scott Pilgrim. Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley is writing the animated series and will serve as an executive producer with Ben David Grabinski (Are You Afraid of the Dark?). The duo will serve as showrunners should a series order be given. Honestly I hope it is!!!! Fingers crossed!

In the Pixar/Disney news the new movie Turning Red is going straight to Disney Plus instead of theaters. It’ll be available to watch on March 11, 2022. This is mostly due to the stupid virus and also the slow theater revival. Which honestly Ghostbusters: Afterlife and Spider-Man No Way Home both killed at the box office! The movies are making a comeback it’s just yeah people are going to choose and wait for something theater worthy.

Don’t forget January 13th Scream 5 is in theaters! I honestly cannot wait for this because they’re bringing back the survivors from the original Scream series and I have to see who the hell is the killer!?!

January 14th Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania The last of the Hotel Transylvania movies which sadly Adam Sandler isn’t the voice of Dracula here because he was busy with other projects but I’m so excited to see the final ending of this series as a whole. You can start watching January 14th on Amazon Prime!

January 27th Marvel’s Morbius releases into theaters! I’m ready!!!! Hopefully and maybe Blade will return!?! It’s always hands in the air especially since hey Marvel is bringing vampires into the picture.

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Happy viewing!

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