After death….

First no this isn’t going to be a religious thing.

I’m currently watching And Just Like That….the new Sex and The City show and in the first episode Big dies of a heart attack. For whatever reason the universe or whatever didn’t want me to watch the second episode where I’m sure there was the funeral and aftermath of Big’s death.

It just had me wondering because my former partner had died of a heart attack as well almost five years ago. Death of a partner can be sad and hard to go through. I was definitely beside myself for months when my partner died but also I didn’t know his past very well or his complete medical history.

Death can also be a huge relief of bullshit that won’t pop up like cheating, abuse, etc. I know because I too have been in that boat as well where an abusive partner died and that was like a huge blessing. It can also be where you finally get to reunite with absent missed friends.

It is I feel important is to reach out to a therapist because when you’re vulnerable impulsive choices can happen and having a responsible outlet can help keep your feet grounded and help to move forward healthy and hopefully bad choices on the dime won’t happen.

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