Update and Adult Content conversation

I’m finally near the end of this cold it’s mostly a cough which they gave me a steroid and an inhaler as everything is literally chest bound.

If you follow me a huge thank you and also thank you for your patience I’ll be back on the 31 days of Halloween Sunday afternoon.

Now onto the adult content

First if you are easily offended or not open minded please do not continue to read


This is your last chance to stop reading here

If you are in or have participated in kinky sex or a kinky scene or a BDSM relationship/dynamic, I really recommend to check out Primal Piggy. His content can be seen on Twitter, Twitch, and Facebook. He gives very thorough and sound education and advice within BDSM and Kink. Please go check out his videos! I’ll put the link at the end of this post.

Just thoroughly listening to his videos I’ve just become in awe, because I’ve made so many mistakes in BDSM. Since the pandemic I’ve not been active but also I’m not in a full rush to jump back in.

Primal Piggy really goes onto the full extent of BDSM, the letters, the different variations within BDSM, and so much more.

I’ve definitely been at fault in the past and just jumped right into submission to someone where I based it on the chemistry I felt, versus taking things slowly and getting to fully know the other person and see whether or not those situations were safe all around.

I’ve definitely paid my fair share and blame of being immature and getting into drama and gossip as well and all of those things are not good.

Myself personally and where I am mentally, I’m okay with bottoming during a scene that’s negotiated and consensual with someone I have known over a good amount of time and feel safe with. Also taking the time and have physically seen their style of various playing with others. I’m also a full time parent and part time student and continue to work on myself, for myself, mentally and physically. I do not have the time for now to enter into a BDSM relationship/dynamic.

So whether you are new or old be aware of yourself, learn your boundaries – what you are and aren’t comfortable with – know it’s okay to say no to something when you’re negotiating and consenting whatever type of activity you’re engaging in. Be honest to others about yourself as well that’s extremely important.

Here are the links to primal piggy


Primal Piggy YouTube

Twitter @primalpiggy

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  1. My ex and I got into a bit of tile playing or what he considered BDSM which was not BDSM. However, he used it as an excuse to do some things thst weren’t okay and I said no but rather than respect it, he grabbed my neck choked my head back and grabbed my other shoulder holding me down so that I would be forced to allowed him to do his deed unable to get away


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