Day 4: underrated Halloween special

Photo from Google

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure is a Halloween special that aired on CBS on October 30th 1985. It was directed by Phil Roman and created by Jim Davis himself.

I don’t know when the last time CBS aired this special but it’s definitely underrated as over the years fan of the big orange and black striped cat have asked about CBS airing it or where to watch.

Garfield finds out early in the morning from Binky the clown that it’s Halloween and that means be in shape to go trick or treating and collect free candy. The beloved cat then gets himself and Odie dressed up for Halloween and off they go. They end up finding a brightly lit house off in the river and end up finding about it’s haunted guests.

This is such a classic Halloween tale for all and it’s sad it’s not aired anymore. Maybe CBS will grow a backbone and air it one year.

You can watch Garfield’s Halloween Adventure on Amazon Prime and YouTube or on DVD and Blu-ray. I personally have it on DVD because I love the holiday specials.

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