9/11 remembering tragedy

It’s hard to wrap your head around that it’s literally 20 years to date since this tragedy happened. I remember that morning vividly.

Waking up like it was any normal day then my upstairs neighbor asked if I saw what happened on the news to which I replied no. I rushed to turn on the news and saw what happened.

I turned and watched MTV news all day but that day to keep up with the tragedy that befell the United States. Just everything went dark that day.

America is completely ripped into pieces by racism, religious ideals, prejudice against human beings for stating their gender identity, their basic human rights……all over greed and a sick egotistical complex because they hold a seat in Congress.

It’s sad that they’ll only come together on a day for remembrance for terrorism and murder.

Nothing is free everything comes at a cost. We pay to live each day.

Be thankful however that may be to be alive today. Be thankful for protections we have that serve our communities in the face of emergencies and tragedies. Be thankful be kind.

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