A Quiet Place part II (mild spoilers)

A Quiet Place part II was actually as good as the first one and I really recommend check this movie out. It’s available to stream on Paramount plus or rent online or check it out in the movie theater.

The beginning of the movie shows us when the events take place of these alien monsters inhabiting where our main characters live and then coming to the present which we see Evelyn and her three children Regan, Marcus, and the newborn baby are living now. Everything still must be quiet as these monsters are still roaming earth, except now Evelyn and her two older children know how to kill them.

It’s a fast paced movie and gets right to the punch with plenty of action. The ending of the movie is left with a cliffhanger again wondering if there will be another Quiet Place movie or is this just the end of it all?

Again I really enjoyed the film and check it out for yourselves.

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