New show I found on Amazon Prime

So TV to me isn’t the same as it was Pre-COVID 19 because mostly some of us are still doing the things and being safe and such so we don’t get this new mutation.

I watch a lot of Facebook videos and I found a several funny clips of a BBC show and it’s called Miranda.

I use my Amazon Firestick and told Alexa “Miranda” and low and behold she shows me season one to which I immediately start watching.

Miranda is three seasons long with a 2 episode Christmas Special (1994) and it’s very hysterical. Miranda is a very tall filled out woman who is socially awkward and very clumsy. She owns a joke store and has made her friend Stevie the store manager.

It also features Tom Ellis as Gary and Sally Phillips as Miranda’s childhood friend Tilly, along with many other fabulous and funny actors.

If you’re looking for something humorous to watch definitely check out Miranda. You will not be disappointed.

Here’s the first episode!

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