Cruel Summer Finale tomorrow night (Contains Spoilers)

Photo from TVLine

Tomorrow night on Freeform at 10 pm est is the season finale of Cruel Summer. I’ll admit it’s been a pretty fast ten whole episodes even though some episodes did have a slow burn start to it.

Yes this contains Spoilers if you haven’t watched or aren’t caught up don’t read past this.

Okay continuing on….Last week’s episode contained everything that we have been wondering. Which girl is really telling the truth? How bad was Kate’s situation? Did Jeannette really see Kate?

First question is that Kate is not telling the truth. Jeannette has been mostly telling the truth. Kate’s situation wasn’t bad for several months. She made the decision to stay at Martin Harris’s house all this time.

I think she loved the idea of playing house with him and really fell in love with Martin. That was until Christmas Eve then things turned ugly because the night before Kate snook out of the house. She stayed quiet and just walked to her house and saw her parents smiling and laughing. Sadly she didn’t see how upset they actually were and how much they missed her. Kate told Martin that she missed her parents and wanted to leave and go back home. Martin then tricked Kate into the basement and as soon as Kate was completely downstairs Martin locked the door keeping Kate downstairs.

We also see on Christmas Eve while Martin was at the mall Jeannette sees him and uses that time to break back into his house. While Jeannette is in the house she hears a noise and freaks out. Jeannette steals a snow globe and leaves and during that time Kate sees Jeannette not saying anything and stays at Martin’s house.

There you have it! Kate saw Jeannette and has been lying this whole time! My opinion is that Kate was too ashamed and scared to tell police what really happened and that Martin didn’t at first kidnap Kate

Tune in tomorrow night for the conclusion and the rest of the drama on Cruel Summer.

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