Cruel Summer (Freeform) *contains some spoilers*

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If you’re a fan of murders and mysteries FREEFORM’s Cruel Summer is definitely for you.

Cruel Summer is about a teenager in a small Texas Town named Jeannette Turner, who throughout the years of 1993 to 1995 is somewhat involved with the disappearance of the town’s most popular girl, Kate Wallis. We are introduced to Jeannette Turner in 1993 on her birthday. She has long curly brown hair and wears both glasses and braces, which she’s pretty much, you guessed it, a geek at her school. We also see Jeannette in 1994 and 1995 which she’s completely different in both scenarios.

From these three years, 1993 to 1994, Jeannette Turner has gone from “geek to chic” to most hated person in Texas.

In 1993 Jeannette has her family intact, Mother, Father, and Brother, and her friendships with Mallory and Vince. During the summer is 1993 the friends make a bucket list of things to do and one of them is to break in to something. Jeannette’s Father is a successful Real Estate contractor and Jeannette, with Mallory and Vince, go to her dad’s office and steal the key to one of his open showings in the neighborhood.

They break into the house and play a game of hide and seek. Jeannette has to find Mallory and David and while playing the new owner of the house, Martin Harris, enters and finds Jeannette inside the kitchen. Jeannette explains why she’s there that her dad wanted to make sure everything was top notch and that nothing was left behind. Here we learn that Martin Harris is to be the new Assistant Principal at the town’s High School.

This is all the details I’m going to say because the show will keep you at the edge of your seat wanting to know more details and what’s going to happen next vibes.

While the show is already up to it’s Sixth episode and tomorrow night premiering it’s Seventh, it is available to watch and catch up on HULU.

Cruel Summer is Available to watch on HULU and Tuesdays on FREEFORM 10 pm EST/9 pm Central.

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