Transgender resources for parents, Transgender Youth and Adolescents

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Here are some different Transgender sites and support groups in different states and online support for Parents and their Transgender Youth/s and Adolescent/s.

Parent Support Program : Parents of Trans Youth

Here is their brief summary about their study program for Parents of Transgender Youth

Are you a parental figure of a child who identifies as trans or nonbinary? The Parent Support Program is an evidence-based resource for parents of trans youth developed by a psychologist. The program is currently being researched for its effectiveness. To participate in the study and access the program, please use the link below.

You can find their main page via facebook:

Trans Youth Equality Foundation is located in Portland, Maine. They provide support, advocacy, and education for Transgender Youth, Non Transgender Youth, and their Families.

They offer youth support groups open to all trans and non binary youth. Ages 12-16. We bring years of support group experience and a chance for you to get to know others, express yourself, and be an ally to others. Come and learn and hang out with us. Send you name, age, state, contact info to Support groups are The First and Third Sunday of the month.

You can find them on their website here:

Transgender Care

Transgender Care’s website offers searches for Transgender care through doctors, specialists, and therapists. They also List Transgender support for every state in the United States.

You can find their main page here:

Here is a video about Growing up Transgender from PBS to watch. I found it very helpful to hear from actual Transgender Youth and Adolescents on their journey and their process.

You can view it here:

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’

They provide a list and articles on Transgender care for Transgender Teens

You can go their website here:

Please remember to support and be there for your child and remember it is a marathon and journey not a sprint. It takes time so please view these listings and find support for you and your Transgender children/adolescents.

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