Bloody Valentine’s #10

Carrie (1976)

All of us know the story of Carrie. A quiet and odd girl who gets bullied at school, but this movie is a classic watch.

Carrie gets her period and the whole girls locker room corner her throwing tampons and pads yelling Plug it up. The gym teacher stops the bullying and helps Carrie. Carrie is sent home early but fears her mom. Her mom is a wacky religious nut job and punishes Carrie for having her period and locks her in the closet.

One of the popular girls Sue Snell feels bad for bullying Carrie and asks her boyfriend to take Carrie to prom. The other girls from gym who are also being punished find out. The main popular girl Kris plots with her boyfriend and a few other girls to get revenge on Carrie and embarrass her at the prom. Little do they know that Carrie has Telekinesis.

So either you’ve seen this classic movie or if you haven’t it’s a good one to check out and watch.

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