True Beauty comparisons (contains spoilers)

In December the K Drama True Beauty, made after the WEBTOON, came out on tvN in South Korea and also became available for other countries to watch on the app Rakuten Viki.

The K Series is very different than the WEBTOON that fans, myself included, have come to read and love. (and wait each week for a new episode)

In the K Series Im Jugyeong (main character) is bullied in her old high school because of her physical looks and her family ends up having to move because of her father’s debt issues. When Im Jugyeong transfers she discovers makeup and transforms her face appearance hoping not to get bullied in the new high school.

Im Jugyeong makes a friend instantly in her new class with SuA and Kang SuJin which in the WEBTOON series Im Jugyeong doesn’t really make friends with Kang SuJin .

As far as the drama of love interests are concerned in the WEBTOON Im Jug Yeong ends up dating Han SeoJun because of the absence of Lee Suho leaving South Korea. In the K Drama Im Jug Yeong is dating Lee Suho (which honestly is really freaking fabulous because us team suho fans have been wanting this).

The bullying in the K Drama is taken extremely too far because of Kang SuJin’s jealousy over Im Jug Yeong and Lee Suho dating. Im Jug Yeong’s old bullies from the other high school put their new dumpling runner to transfer to where Im Jug Yeong attends school. The main antagonist from the old high school is jealous of Im Jug Yeong because she likes Han SeoJun and Kang SuJin ends up with old pictures and a video of Im Jug Yeong and now the secret of her old physical appearance is know throughout the whole school and the bullying is continued.

Honestly yes it really sucks I was rooting for Im Jug Yeong because who hasn’t been bullied in life? Especially in school. In the new episode airing Wednesday from the sneak peek we see Kang SuJin trying to get Im Jug Yeong to transfer somewhere far away so that way she can try to get Lee Suho for herself.

Read the WEBTOON True Beauty it’s a lot better than the K Drama.

You can watch the K Drama True Beauty on Wednesdays and Thursdays on Rakuten Viki and the last episode will air February 4th 2021 as there is only 16 episodes.

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