On the seventh

Nostalgic Christmas Memories

Every year as Christmas approaches I always get giddy and excited because of the past memories and moments I remember about Christmas.

The picture above is from when I was little in the home I grew up in. Sadly as I got older I became allergic to Christmas trees. The sap and pollen that comes from them. Before that my dad would always get a real one until I was about 11 years old. It was always fun decorating the tree and house. I started my own tradition when I was about 12 because then my dad had me get out the fake tree and all the decorations. I would decorate while watching my vhs of all the classic Christmas specials I taped on TV. I have all of them on DVD now and still do the tradition with my kids who are now in their teens.

I hope you have some special memories from Christmas past that are carried yearly to make the season more magical.

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