Godmothered (Disney 2020)

Disney plus released this wonderfully enchanting and hilarious movie called Godmothered. It feels like it’s been forever since seeing a movie like this. At least since Enchanted which starred Amy Adams.

Godmothered stars Isla Fisher and Jillian Bell. Jillian plays the character Eleanor who lives in the Motherland where Fairy Godmothers are from. The Motherland is set to shut down and have the rest of the fairies become tooth fairies. Eleanor finds a request that had been ignored. Eleanor leaves the motherland and goes into the real world to find Mackenzie Walsh (Isla Fisher). Little does Eleanor know that Mackenzie is now a grown woman with two kids.

It’s a fun movie with good music and plenty of laughs with moments that yes you’ll need tissues for.

Thank you Disney! We need movies like this right now!

Check out Godmothered which is available to watch on Disney Plus.

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