His Dark Materials

Season two of His Dark Materials premiers this coming Monday November 16th on HBO and I can’t be more excited!

I can’t wait to see what happens as last we left off Lyra where she finally found Lord Asriel, her father, and his experiment with Dust and now a portal is open to another world.

To get the portal to completely open sadly Lord Asriel takes Lyra’s friend Roger and separates him from his daemon which ends up killing Roger. The last scene of Episode 8, where we are left in cliffhanger, is Lyra entering the portal which after she enters it closes and then we see Will Parry, son of Harry Parry (who was an explorer from Lyra’s world) who disappeared years ago, enter a portal which he discovered during Season one of His Dark Materials. Will Lyra and Will meet each other after both entering into a new world? So many unanswered questions!

You can catch up on all 8 episodes now on HBO platforms including HBO Max before Monday. Season two starts off with the episode titled “The City of Magpies” at 9 pm EST on HBO.

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