Impact Play

Photo Credit Whisper

Impact Play is one of my favorite things as far as kink is concerned. As a bottom I’m able to let go of all and any stress and go into sub space while in a scene depending on the duration and how it’s being conducted.

Impact play is where both parties Top and Bottom consent and negotiate a scene in where the Top is implementing an item/object and striking a safe part of the bottoms body. It can be very pleasurable for one or both parties.

Negotiation and Consent are vital to any scene as some bottoms like and enjoy more pain and being marked or really red. Some bottoms may just have a light pain tolerance and that’s okay it’s still fun and you might be completely new to impact play and just want to lightly explore. Communication is key to any scene in kink/bdsm as well as using safe words which will either slow down the scene or completely stop the scene.

Here are some charts on where it’s okay to implement such object on the body and the types of different impact toys that a Top might use.

Photo Credit Reddit
Photo Credit the nooky box

If you want to know more knowledge about impact play and engaging in impact play with your partner here are some sites and articles listed below and some people who make Impact Play Toys

Impact play 101

Submissive Guide Fumdimentals Impact Play

Agreeable Agony Impact Toys

Wicked Evil Goodies- Instagram page

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