My Spy (movie staring Bautista)

Photo credit Google

This movie is so freaking cute! It stars Bautista who is a CIA agent named J.J and in the beginning of the movie he’s at a location where he’s with the Russian mafia and other terrorist where he’s trying to obtain plutonium weapons.

Pretty much he blows the case and the main villain gets away and J.J’s boss gives him a lower grade job where he’s doing civilian surveillance on the Villian’s sister in law, Kate. During this Kate’s daughter Sophie (Chloe Coleman) finds out her and her mom are being watched by J.J and his partner Bobbi (Kristen Schaal). Sophie then pretty much blackmails them and J.J teachers her how to be a spy and also goes to some of her school events because her mom works and isn’t able to go the daytime events.

I don’t want to giveaway anymore of the movie away if you haven’t seen it but it’s really cute and very funny. Yes it’s full of action so you won’t get bored if you’re more of an action fan.

You can watch My Spy on Amazon Prime.

Happy viewing 🙂

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