Starting of Summer

photo credit: Northbound

Pretty much zoom meetings and virtual school is over with and thus beginning summer vacation! Where I live the summers can get very hot and humid quick with temperatures in the high 80’s to 100 degrees. (Yuck I dislike humidity)

With Covid-19 pools and playgrounds are still off limits and closed for the summer along with theaters, bowling alleys, etc. There are outdoor dining but many places where I live are not following social distancing and people are too close to each other and not wearing masks. Yes I get it not wearing it while you’re drinking and eating which is why there should be more space between tables to observe it and also you never know if someone is really sick because yeah adults lie too.

I started walking with my kids this week in the evenings when it’s cool outside and honestly it’s helped their mood a lot and they’re not as bored which is a good thing because having a child say “Mom/Dad I’m bored” all day isn’t fun and after awhile not only does it get annoying but you start to feel guilty because there favorite activities are not available to do right now.

Another thing we do is yes movies at least twice a week but definitely every Friday night because my teens also enjoy horror movies besides animated and family movies. Right now our ritual is watching Joe Bob Briggs The Last Drive in it’s a very entertaining show with great horror movies and good commentary in between.

If you’re a parent hang in there the best you can and yes right now it’s literally all about the little things you can do with your kids no matter age and yes finding things not only inside to do but outside as well it’ll help their mood and sleep pattern as well if you might struggle with that.

Happy Summer Vacation!

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