Onward (Disney 2020)

Photo credit: IMDb

Onward is a fun and heartwarming adventure I highly recommend watching this gem of a film. It will be available on Disney Plus April 3rd.

The story follows Ian and his older brother Barley who live in a land which used to be all magic and full of magical creatures. Forward to modern times the creatures are still there but magic doesn’t exist much.

They live with their mother Laurel in a cute house and it’s Ian birthday which his mom gives him a gift from his Father who passed away after Ian was born. In the Package is a magic staff which has a spell for Ian to bring his Dad to life for 24 hours but the spell doesn’t fully finish and they only have half of their Dad back. So Barley and Ian embark on a quest to find what they need to finish the spell again. Hence the name Onward which you’ll understand the title as you watch the movie.

This is all I’ll say about the movie as not to spoil too much but it’s so wonderful and funny. Stream Onward on Friday April 3rd on Disney Plus or you can buy it for $19.99 on digital streaming platforms.

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