Last Christmas (2019 film)

Photo credit: Ibdm

I just got done watching Last Christmas on FandangoNow and what a heartfelt touching movie this was. The whole cast was fantastic.

I truly loved Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding together. This film starts out with The character Kate as a girl singing in a church choir in Yugoslavia then jumps to present time in London where she is as an adult. Kate’s life is a bit of a mess and as the movie goes on she bumps into Tom a mysterious man who doesn’t have a phone and keeps it put away in the cupboard. Tom takes Kate through town saying Look Up to where Kate sees small things she’s never noticed before.

It’s truly a touching film and Michelle Yeoh adds to the laughter and heart warming moments throughout. I don’t want to really give much of the film away because you really have to watch it yourself. I will say though it’s filled with George Michael’s music throughout his music career.

Please checkout Last Christmas which is available to rent or buy on all digital platforms.

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