Top Horror Movies for 2020 to see


Photo Credit: BBC


Hansel and Gretel: A new tale of the Grimm Brother’s classic fairy tale. This shows promise of being very haunting. (Honestly I just hope it won’t be like the movie The Witch I didn’t really care for that one)


The Lodge: A movie about a mom who ends up stuck in a remote holiday village with her step children. Hmm….snowbound maybe? I feel this could end up bloody.

Fantasy Island: A movie based from the Classic TV Show Fantasy Island where your fantasies come true except this movie has a big twist where people die. Please people do not bring your children to this as it is not like the TV Show!

The Invisible Man: The Invisible man is about well The Invisible Man but in this movie a woman’s husband fakes his death and follows her. This movie has a dark theme of Domestic Violence. Please see with caution.


A Quiet Place II: (I have yet to see the first one) This follows the Original movie A Quiet Place where you have to extremely quiet and make no sounds or some creature will come and kill you.


Antlers: A movie that follows a Teacher and this student who is withdrawn, etc and as the film progresses the teacher discovers that the student is what can save the town.

Antebellum: A movie from Jordan Peele which is about an author who somehow finds herself back in time during Slavery in the south.

May: Nothing as of yet


Candyman; A ‘spiritual’ sequel of the original Candyman directed by Jordan Peele. (please don’t mess this up Mr. Peele i’m a huge fan of the versions with Tony Todd) (already sounds like it’s going to suck……..ugh spiritual really?)


Untitled Purge Movie Screenwriter James DeMonaco

August/September: Unknown for now as movies are being developed


HALLOWEEN KILLS: The sequel following 2018’s Halloween Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as Laurie Strodes. (Yes I’ve been following this and I LOVE HALLOWEEN)


Escape Room 2: Sequel following 2019’s Escape Room movie From Blumhouse


Still in Development stages



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